Save hundreds of hours creating your portfolio decarbonization plan.

Carbonsight is an online platform that empowers real estate portfolios to achieve carbon reduction targets efficiently.

Organize data, quantify CO2 impact, visualize ROI, and build adaptive plans to meet emission goals seamlessly.
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“Carbonsight will allow us to automate our asset- and portfolio-wide net zero / decarbonization plans in a showtime-ready format that can be used for internal awareness and planning as well as external reporting. This includes responding to detailed investor inquiries about our net zero planning process and visual tools.”
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Becca Timms
Director of ESG - Jamestown, L.P.
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What is Carbonsight?

We're more than just carbon planning

Carbonsight is a decarbonization software platform that allows you to organize all the right data, quantify & visualize the CO2 & ROI of measures, and build adaptive plans that meet emission goals.

Carbonsight offers two software tiers:

Carbonsight Essentials

For Use By:

Carbonsight Essentials solves the data problem by bringing in the disparate data you do have while filling gaps for the data you don’t.

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Carbonsight Pro (Beta)

For Use By:

Carbonsight Pro povides cloud-based, portfolio wide energy simulations completed in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost.

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Using the best practices and data from sources like:
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The Steps to Decarbonize - Carbon Neutral Real Estate with Carbonsight

Carbonsight Blog

Blueprints for Sustainability

Dive into sustainable real estate with Carbonsight: Your compass for a greener, smarter property future.

Sustainability Regulations for Real Estate and Construction in 2024

2024 Market Movers for Real Estate and Climate Tech

Globally, new sustainability regulations are setting stringent standards for decarbonization and accountability. From debates over carbon offsets to recent GHG reporting requirements that reflect an urgent push for sustainable development in one Canadian city, there are significant opportunities for building owners, developers, and sustainability professionals to get ahead and align with these evolving standards.

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