Carbonsight Pro (Beta)

Building-Specific Typology-Scale Energy Simulations

Cloud-based, portfolio wide energy simulations completed in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost. Energy modeling wasn’t designed for early stage planning, but Carbonsight Pro is.

*Beta access currently available for retail buildings only.

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See what you can do with Carbonsight Pro

Rapid energy-simulations for record time savings

Carbonsight Pro is strategically engineered to run energy simulations in parallel. The tech-stack architecture allows for rapid energy-simulation results with low end-user costs.

For example: a portfolio with 10 buildings and 10 improvements runs in less than 2 minutes. 

Quickly prioritize worthy investments

Teams are empowered to run multiple energy measure options across many building simultaneously, allowing worthy investments to be prioritized quickly and cost-effectively.

Collaborate on energy simulations. Anytime, anywhere.

Establish a secure, cloud-based platform for effortless collaboration, seamless data storage, and smooth integration into your existing workflows.

Less fine-tuning, more early-stage energy planning

Carbonsight Pro limits the flexibility of everything that is changeable in Energy Plus, and speeds up the run time, to become a purpose-built portfolio planning tool.

All the tools you need, consolidated in one platform

Now teams can quickly analyze building performance feature interactions within a single dashboard, increasing efficiency to complete work faster. No more cross-referencing or jumping between tools.

Move beyond pre-defined measures for better results

Move away from pre-set lists with "pre-run" results. Carbonsight Pro takes performance level inputs and runs them against a calibrated baseline allowing for greater accuracy and more flexibility.

Layer on Carbon and ROI data

Carbonsight Pro Beta gives you both operational energy estimates, as well as auto-calculating carbon impacts and local utility and economic savings.

Created by an industry-leading team, using a research-backed approach.

Built on trusted Department of Energy models

Carbonsight Pro uses reference building models that most closely represent your specific building, allowing you to calibrate it to even greater accuracy.

Built for early stage planning

We’re not here to replace complex energy simulations for individual buildings; instead, Carbonsight Pro focuses on understanding the relative impact of different measures. This feature is being introduced in Carbonsight Pro because it’s exceptionally useful for managing large portfolios.

Secure by default

Carbonsight Pro is a secure, cloud-based platform meticulously crafted to meet the highest security standards, ensuring the utmost protection of your valuable data.

We never sell your company information to third parties. 

We never use your company data for ad purposes.

Looking to streamline your energy simulations?

Join beta, build green, earn big. Sustainable buildings, sustainable profits.

*Enter your work email above to join the Carbonsight Pro waitlist.

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