How Will You  Decarbonize?

Don't be left behind on the path to decarbonization

It’s time to evolve from just GHG reporting to GHG reduction. Use Carbonsight to save time, money, and hassle creating a cost-effective decarbonization plan for building portfolios.

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Carbon planning for portfolios of all shapes and sizes


Save time & budget

Carbonsight is purpose-built for carbon planning – saving you hundreds of hours per portfolio setting up and building your plan.


Robust roadmapping

Carbonsight solves the data problem by bringing in the disparate data you do have while filling gaps for the data you don’t.

More insight


Built-in economics

Quantify the CO2 and ROI of each measure allowing you to show the most cost-effective path to hit GHG targets.

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Using the best practices and data from sources like:

“The decarbonization tool we needed yesterday”

Carbonsight was built with industry feedback from leading ESG consultants, CRE service providers, and energy managers.

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Decarbonize Building Portfolio with Carbonsight by Autocase

What is Carbonsight?

Carbonsight is an online decarbonization planning tool for real estate portfolios. It helps you create a building-by-building plan of action to hit carbon reduction targets cost effectively.

Carbonsight allows you to organize all the right data, quantify & visualize the CO2 & ROI of measures, and build adaptive plans that meet Scope 1 & 2 emission goals.

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Free Guide Download

Do you need a blueprint for your real estate to become greener?

This guide offers a step-by-step repeatable process to move from GHG targets to GHG reduction across your building portfolio - whether it’s for a campus or across the globe.

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The Steps to Decarbonize - Carbon Neutral Real Estate with Carbonsight

The cost vs. carbon trade-off just got easier

Owners that don’t decarbonize now face asset valuation risk due to new building regulations, reporting requirements, utility escalation, and climate change impacts.

Carbon plans that reduce emissions while increasing value


Build it cheaper

Replace clunky spreadsheets with Carbonsight’s ready-made online carbon planning platform.


Deliver it faster

Carbonsight saves 2-4 hours per asset filling data gaps, quantifying CO2, and creating a roadmap.


Make it better

Deliver actionable plans with built-in economics that you can share with stakeholders & adapt over time.

Carbonsight by Autocase
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World’s Carbon Emissions
Come From Buildings Alone.

Building owners deserve a better decarbonization plan

Speak to us about how you can use Carbonsight on a building portfolio, whether it’s for a small campus, an entire city, or a company with assets across the globe.

Carbonsight: Carbon Reduction Software for Building Owners and ESG Professionals

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