Enterprise-grade tool for enterprise-wide GHG reduction

It’s time to evolve from just GHG reporting to GHG reduction. Use Carbonsight to save time, money, and hassle creating a cost-effective decarbonization plan for building portfolios.

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Features overview

The biggest problems require the best tools

Carbonsight is simple and easy to use. Create an actionable decarbonization plan for every building in your portfolio in six simple steps.

1. Baseline

Add your existing property and energy data using our easy upload options. Let Carbonsight fill in any data gaps with robust EUI baselines.

2. Target

Benchmark existing GHG emissions, set reduction targets, and quickly identify top emitters and low-hanging fruit to reduce CO2.

3. Apply

Apply relevant building decarbonization measures across your portfolio to estimate the carbon and cost impact towards your target.

Download our 1-page summary of Carbonsight’s key features, the value each feature provides, and the estimated time savings for you when building a decarbonization plan.

A workflow designed to save you time and money.

Save 2-4 hours per asset on carbon and energy master planning.
Save weeks of effort building a custom tool.

Step 1: Baseline
30 min/asset saved with Carbonsight

Upload property data

Seamlessly upload baseline building energy use data by:

  1. Connecting to your utility data using our integrated service,
  2. API to energy star portfolio manager, 
  3. Simulated baseline defaults, or
  4. Bulk uploading manually.
Carbonsight - Step 2 - Set Decarbonization Targets & Benchmark CO2
Step 2: target
15 min/asset saved with Carbonsight

Set targets & benchmark CO2

Use our location-based emission factors and utility rate defaults so you don’t waste hours searching.

Carbonsight - Step 1 - Decarbonization Master Planning
Step 3: Apply
30 min/asset saved with Carbonsight

Create & apply relevant decarbonization measures

Create relevant energy efficiency measures and apply them to specific assets or across multiple buildings. Carbonsight will estimate the CO2 impact towards your target and the cost impact on your capital plan.

Bulk apply measures across properties

Rapidly justify which measures will be cost effective.


Specify timing of implementation

Create an actionable plan that aligns with asset life.


Life cycle cost template for measures

Add costs to easily generate important ROI metrics.

Carbonsight AI

An AI-powered energy modeling module that provides decarbonization strategy insights on building performance enhancements across a whole portfolio in seconds.

Box Modeling

Easy in-app energy box modeling to estimate the EUI impact of building performance values on-demand.

Step 4: Evaluate
30 min/asset saved with Carbonsight

Evaluate & compare measures

Quickly compare measures based on total cost, utility savings, and CO2 impact to assess which strategies are most cost-effective.

Assess impact based off multiple criteria

Use metrics like $, CO2, and more to save time deciding which measures should be in your roadmap.

Compare & select measures across portfolio

Assess cost and carbon impacts at an asset level and portfolio-wide.

Roadmap creator

Quickly build and iterate your plan using our roadmap creator.

Step 5: Roadmap
+15 min/asset saved with Carbonsight

Build & visualize your decarbonization roadmap

Use the interactive portfolio dashboard to:

  1. Quickly see the cost and CO2 impact of your plan vs. targets
  2. Instantly create a custom roadmap based on filters
  3. See how changing utility rates, emission factors, etc. affect your plan
  4. Download a list of measures that will hit your CO2 reduction targets
Step 6: Share & Adapt
10’s hours saved with Carbonsight

Share & update the plan with stakeholders

Move away from Excel and provide a living, engaging deliverable to stakeholders that inspires action and tracks progress towards your targets.


CO2 impact relative to target:
Capital budget used:
Carbonsight - Step 6 - Share with Stakeholders

The cost vs. carbon trade-off just got easier

If owners don’t decarbonize now, they face asset valuation risk due to new building regulations, reporting requirements, utility escalation, and climate change impacts.

Carbonsight Features Overview

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